About us

Technology has shifted our lives in all aspects, men from carving symbols on oracle bones to tapping screens to input words with mobile devices and from building grass huts to constructing skyscrapers. Our lives have changed drastically and nature scenes are slowly fading from everyday life.

ZOOCASE is the combination of two words: ‘ZOO’ is representative of living plants and animals, while ‘CASE’ means coverage. Together it stands for the inclusion of all living things.

ZOOCASE is dedicated to bridging the growing divide between urban life and the natural world. By designing lifestyle products that use environmental elements, ZOOCASE lets you retain a piece of the outdoors, bringing you closer to nature. All products are crafted using legally harnessed raw materials such as woods, stones, and aquatic shells. We promise to deliver you a daily use product made with the highest standard of craftsmanship. Click here for materials Info.

Nowadays, a growing societal trend towards nature-inspired products is infiltrating everyday life and style; we welcome you to ride the growing wave of eco-friendly, mindful and progressive lifestyle changes happening across the globe.